Local colleges warn students about a man offering foot massages on campus

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  The Metropolitan Community Colleges are warning students about a foot massager on campus.

On Thursday, the colleges posted a warning to Facebook that a man wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans and carrying a large black backpack has been posing as a massage therapy student.

According to the warning, the man has approached Penn Valley students and asked to rub their feet. The man also reportedly attempted to forcibly grab one person's foot.

FOX 4 shared a story earlier in the week that there was a similar warning at Wichita State. It is not clear if it's the same guy.

Police ask that if you seen anything suspicions to give campus police a call at (816) 604-1200.

Wichita State University forced a man off the campus last week after two students said he offered to massage their feet., According to KWCH, the man the university forced off campus has been accused of trying to rub students feet at other schools in other states, as well. Police warn he may be heading to Florida.

We will have follow ups on FOX 4 newscasts.

*Note: Thumbnail image attached to the story is not of the actual man the colleges issued a warning about.