Police looking for man reportedly trying to give unwanted foot massages at MCC Penn Valley

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A mystery "masseuse" is accused of trying to rub the feet of female college students at schools nationwide. Now, police in the metro say he's made his way to Kansas City.

The Metropolitan Community College school system's chief of police would not confirm they're looking for the man, but FOX 4 got a copy of a document MCC Police released after they say the suspect approached two girls at the Penn Valley campus, offering massage services.

“After it happened, she pulled me to the side. She was walking to her car in the parking lot and told me the story,” said Richelle Moore.

Moore said her friend and basketball teammate were approached by a man in school parking lot Thursday.

“He grabbed her foot and she walked away and he continued to follow her,” Moore recalled.

Moore says her friend told him she was going to police and the guy ran, but campus police say he went after another girl. FOX 4 learned MCC Police are looking for a 26-year-old man from Oregon.

They say he approached his second victim in the library. He grabbed her feet and tried to massage them. Both students ran to campus police.

“If you see something, say something, and this was definitely something out of the ordinary. They did exactly the right thing and we're proud of them for that,” said MCC Police Chief Londell Jamerson.

The man is suspected of the same tactic and approach at schools across the region, from Oregon to Wisconsin, and most recently in Wichita.

“You come on a campus pretending to be someone that you're not, that raises concern,” said Chief Jamerson.

While MCC Police partner with agencies across the country and keep their eyes peeled here in Kansas City, Moore says she and her friends will rally around their teammate.

“Even on and off the court, we're going to support her with anything she needs from us,” said Moore.

There is no foot massage therapy program at MCC, and it's not illegal to rub someone's feet, but what police say this man is doing could be construed as a crime.

That man hasn't been arrested or charged here but he did spend six months in jail in Oregon for refusing to stop a foot massage and leaving campus when asked to by police. If you information, call (816) 604-1626.