Joe’s Weather Blog: A few bumps in the road + Matthew is still rocking (SAT-10/8)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Another perfect weather day sin the region as skies are perfectly Royal blue and the temperatures are in the 60s. There was some chilly weather earlier this morning with 30s in some outlying areas including some patchy frost on cars and rooftops. Overall nice weather though cloudier weather will be the case for the next few days.

Matthew has briefly and finally made landfall in the US (for the 1st time) and will scrape along the N coast briefly before returning out to see. The main point with Matthew is the flooding and the storm surge. The impacts to the storm are till bad (perhaps moreso) as some terrible flooding is ongoing even into inland regions. More on that in the discussion.


Tonight: Clear and cool (not as cool) with lows in the 40s

Sunday and Monday: Variable clouds and seasonable with highs around 70°. There may be a few light showers or sprinkles out there somewhere

Tuesday: Partly cloudy and milder (warmest day of the week) with highs in the 70s


Satellite (on a national scale) tells the story of our weather locally…

Nuff said!

OK maybe not enough. Notice on the national satellite above there is moisture and cloud cover entering into the southern Plains…that moisture will be moving towards the NE and start filtering out the moonlight overnight. we should have a mix of clouds and some sun through Monday.

There will be a series of weak waves coming up in the flow beginning tomorrow. Each one will slowly help to saturate the atmosphere from the 20-30,000 feet slowly downwards. IF there is enough saturation on Monday combined with a few more weak waves zipping through…there could be a few areas of showers scattered about.

Tuesday appears to be the warmest day ahead of another decent cold front that will come into the area on Wednesday with another chance of rain followed by cooler temperatures. Depending on the timing of the rain on Wednesday…temperatures may stay rather cool all day long.


Unfortunately while the hurricane has weakened to just barely hurricane strength…the flooding scenario is going up. There is a lot of rain falling in the Carolinas..

The rain has extended well inland…and the flooding is overwhelming the systems there. It’s a mess. Along the coastal areas the wind/surge has been the issue…more inland it’s the rain falling from the storm and the flooding it’s causing that’s the issue. There are stationary rain bands just off the coastline that are creating 2-3″/hour amounts.

As I type this…the center of the storm was around the Myrtle Beach area. Charleston, SC had gusts to 70 MPH while Hilton Head had gusts to 90 MPH. Some of the bands of rain are also producing small and weak tornadoes.


Downtown Charleston was/still is(?) under at least waist deep water at last check. Again the flooding is bad. Some areas have had almost 10″ of rain already with another 5-10″ on the way in NC.


It’s been a long and winding journey for the storm. Advisories on the depression started 1st on 9/28…but this was being tracked well before that.

Hundreds of thousands are still without power from Florida into the SE part of the country. And while the extreme winds barely stayed offshore…they’ve been still a big issue along the coastline especially.

That combination of wind and rain has caused a lot of this…

Have a great day and our feature photo appropriately comes from the Hurricane Hunters yesterday as they shot an amazing sunset from Matthew.

I may take a blog day off tomorrow.


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