Man arrested after wearing clown mask at Liberty Price Chopper

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The man holding the scary clown mask he was wearing when people began calling police.

The man holding the scary clown mask he was wearing when people began calling police.

LIBERTY, Mo. — The creepy clown fad continues with a man arrested in Liberty while wearing a clown mask.

Police said they received a call of a suspicious man in a clown mask around 8:40 p.m. Saturday near a Price Choppper on 291-Highway.

Police received two calls that a clown was driving a gray Ford Fusion in the parking lot, at times exiting his vehicle and scaring people.

Upon arrival at Price Chopper, officers stopped the man as he was driving his car wearing the clown mask.

He immediately removed the mask upon contact with police.

The man said he had just purchased the mask at a nearby Halloween store, and was remaining in the area waiting to meet with his father.

Before police stopped him, the man was reported to have entered Price Chopper wearing the clown mask and removed it when management asked him to take it off.

The masked man was a 22-year-old from Liberty, Mo.

He denied trying to scare anyone.In a Facebook post to FOX 4 he said his dad bought him the clown mask recently ‘without thinking about what was happening with clowns in society right now.’ He said he, his dad and sister were going to the Halloween Haunt and stopped to get something to drink at the grocery store.

“The mask wasn’t an issue,” he wrote. “The employees of Price Chopper were laughing, taking photos of me.”

“I did not scare or threaten anyone. I believe the cops were called because of what the clown mask symbolizes in society right now, not because of any of my actual actions. I do not deny that wearing the mask in public right now was a stupid move and I apologize if anyone was frightened.However, I am completely being falsely accused. I get why someone would call over the mask, but I was falsely accused of “chasing people around” and scaring people.”

He was not charged for his actions while wearing the clown mask, but he was arrested for an outstanding stealing warrant issued in Kansas City, Mo., which he said happened when he was a minor and tried to steal a DVD from Wal-Mart. He said he thought the ordeal was over when he paid Wal-Mart for the merchandise, but the outstanding warrant remained with a $250 bond.

He was transferred to the custody of the Kansas City, Mo. Police Department for the warrant.