Dad holds ‘silent protest’ against bullying outside son’s school in Independence

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- On a cool, damp autumn morning and afternoon Fred Bass stood outside Center Place Restoration School near North River and West Waldo in Independence with a strong message.

"I'm doing this because I want the school to be aware that the disciplinary action they took against the child who injured my son was not enough," said an irate Bass.

During what he called a silent protest, Bass held a sign outside his son's school. It read: "Bullying and Assaults Unacceptable."

Last Monday Bass and his wife, Susan, say their 13-year-old son, Jamison, was in a boys restroom at Center Place Restoration School, a private school, when three boys approached their son.

"Two of them chased him to the bathroom stall's door. One then started flipping the lights on and off and someone yelled "Get Jamison," Susan Bass said.

"I was thinking that they were just playing a joke on me," said Jamison Bass.

However, the Basses insist what happened to their son was no joke. Jamison says while two of the boy eventually backed off, the third male student, kept pounding on the bathroom stall door.

"When he started banging on the door viciously, I thought he was going to do something to me and yes it was scary," Jamison told FOX 4's Robert Townsend during an interview Wednesday outside his school.

Jamison told his parents when the boy swung open the bathroom door it hit him in his mouth and broke his front tooth. Within moments, the eighth grader says the same boy repeatedly kicked him as he fell to bathroom floor.

"This boy is three times his size. He kicked him in the lower back four to five times while my son is down and crying. What if he would've broke his back? What if he would've killed him?" asked Fred Bass.

"Oh my God I was just sick to my stomach. Kids make mistakes and play around, but when it becomes vicious and someone knows they're hurting another person, I have a problem with that," said Susan Bass.

The Basses say a chiropractor later determined their son suffered two swollen discs in his back and a dislodged lower rib as a result of the attack. Jamison's parents' anger grew after they learned administrators placed two of the boys on a one day, in-house suspension at the school.

"They should've expelled that main boy for what he did to my son. He just kept attacking my child. While our son wants to return to that school, we will not let him go back there because I don't think he'll be safe," said Fred Bass.

"This is the same boy who last year pushed our child really hard against a locker, so we will have to further talk about all of this, and, yes possibly talk to a lawyer," added Susan Bass.

Meantime, Dan Schoenemann, the Vice-President of Center Place Restoration's School Board, says they are aware of the facts in the case. However, Schoenemann told FOX 4 quote: "We can't discuss disciplinary actions and we do not tolerate bullying in the school."