Joe’s Weather Blog: Frosty night potential and then a warm-up (WED-10/12)

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This can be the time of the year when you need long pants one day…and shorts the next. It’s a wardrobe headache but the nice weather makes up for it…and it appears we’ll enjoy plenty of nice fall weather over the next 7 days. Today isn’t so great though thanks to the cold front that moved through earlier this morning…temperatures may really struggle today…and not do much unless we get some sunshine later on.


Today: Clouds…some mist and colder with temperatures around 50°

Tonight: Clearing out and chilly. Frost warnings are in effect for the KC area with freeze warnings for northern MO. Lows tonight in the 35° range.

Thursday: Sunny AM with some clouds in the afternoon and highs in the 50s

Friday: Maybe a morning shower but then gradual clearing and milder with highs in the 60s


As I type this weather blog (10am WED) there are still some areas of mist/drizzle sliding through the area. Combined with north winds of 15+ MPH and colder air sweeping through the area…it really feels and looks like fall out there today.

The morning surface map shows the temperatures in RED. Notice all the 40s in NE…

That cold air is coming underneath a rather significant area of cloud cover…so unless the clouds thin or break this afternoon (very iffy) we may not budge much today…and conceivably could drop another couple of degrees this morning. There may be some breaks farther north though. Here is the latest satellite picture. Look for the darker areas…that represents clearer skies. The white is the clouds

The ingredients for a cold night in the fall are clear skies…light winds…and lower dew points. It appears all that will come into play tonight into Thursday morning. In the graphic below…light blue are the frost warnings and darker blue counties are the freeze warnings. It wouldn’t surprise me to see at least a few areas in the “frost” warning to dip to 32° or below. It just won’t be for long enough.


From here…as is typical…the cold air moves away…and warmer air moves in. The transition may allow some scattered showers to form early Friday…and then a weak front (wind shift really) moves in over the weekend. The bottom line is temperatures will be above average for most of next week it appears.


Warmth during October is a wonderful thing…we should really see some beautiful colors in the trees next week as we come into our peak fall color. Temperatures next week look to be well above average. We’re running 2.4° for the month already…we’re going to add to that next week for sure at least for the 1st part of next week.

It should be noted that you can really see the seasonal jet stream strengthening right now. Look out towards the Pacific Ocean where winds around 30000-35000 feet will be howling along at over 200 MPH



Interesting to see how the airlines use that information to fly from one side of the world to the other. On the way west…then may travel towards AK then some down towards Asia…while on the way east then may try and get into that jet stream to take advantage of the tail winds. It could save the  airlines 10’s of thousands in jet fuel per flight and get the passengers to their destination hours earlier!

This jet stream (really the winds below this level) though will slam into the PAC NW with a ton of Pacific moisture. That means heavy precipitation for the higher elevations especially of the NW. Meaning heavy rains and higher elevation snows.


Total precip in inches through later Sunday night

OK that’s it for today…the blog will resume over the weekend. I’ll be taking some blog days off. Our feature photo for the blog comes from Angelita Crow…a stunning sunset!


via @MrsAngelitaCrow


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