Missy Leggio says she’s grateful for the community’s outpouring of support over the past year

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --It's been a tough year for Missy Leggio who lost her husband in an arson fire, but she says she thankful for the community's support to help her heal.

Two firefighters killed Oct 12, 2015 fighting a fire: Larry Leggio and John Mesh.

Two firefighters killed Oct 12, 2015 fighting a fire: Larry Leggio and John Mesh.

Larry Leggio, 43, and fellow firefighter John Mesh, 39, died when a wall collapsed on them as they battled a blaze at Independence Ave. and Prospect.

Missy says for some reason she was drawn to the scene one year ago.

She took video and pictures of the fire, which was something she and Larry did when he was off duty. Missy tells FOX 4 she planned on showing them to her husband later, but there was never a later.

A nail salon owner faces charges of arson and second-degree murder for setting the fire, which spread to other businesses and apartments in the building.

While Missy says she'll never forget the distress signals she heard that night, family, friends and even strangers have helped her cope with their support, and she wants to thank them with a vigil.

“Mainly for me, but mainly for Larry and to remember him, and let him know that his family and friends in the city and fire department was still love him,” Missy said. “You never forget him, and it's also a thank you to the city for doing everything they did during his time of loss.”

The vigil is set for 7 p.m., Wednesday at Independence Ave. and Prospect. There will be prayer, stories of the firefighters and a balloon release.