Friends grateful Raytown teen shot at home is recovering at hospital

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- A teenager is recovering in a hospital after he was shot at a friend's house Thursday night. Police say the shooting happened near East 65th Terrace and Overton, and are still trying to figure out what led to the shooting of 16-year-old Jimmy Williams.

“I`m pretty glad Jimmy`s okay. I`m just, just surprised that could happen to him. He seemed like such a great kid,” said Brandyn Pluchino. “I would say he’s pretty lucky.”

Pluchino and Williams are friends and classmates at Raytown South.

“Jimmy, he`s just a great kid. He knows everybody. Everybody knows him. He`s pretty talkative, doesn`t really gets into trouble a lot that I know,” Pluchino said. "I couldn't see Jimmy doing anything bad. He was just really lovable and nice and always had a good attitude, a smile on his face."

Williams is a sophomore and on the football team at Raytown South. FOX 4 is told after playing in Thursday night`s game between Raytown South and Raytown High, Williams went to a friend`s house near 65th Terrace and Overton. Police were called about a shooting there around 10:30 p.m.

“I heard just eight shots. I thought it was somebody pulling a prank,” said Pulchino.

By the time police arrived, Williams was already on his way to the hospital. Neighbors say at the time of the shooting several people were inside the house.

“You could`ve just seen everybody was outside. Just a big group of people. Everybody shocked,” Pulchino described.

Now, many are sending warm thoughts for Williams and his family.

“My heart goes out to them, yes it does. Any child, any child anywhere that happens to, that`s terrible,” said Sharly Pulchino.

Police say shortly after the shooting they arrested two teenagers who led officers on a chase that ended in Kansas City. Police say the boys jumped out of a car, but were quickly taken into custody. No charges have been filed yet.