Olathe man thinks he hears thunder, but discovers it’s a car slamming into his garage

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OLATHE, Kan. — Police are looking for a black Toyota Matrix whose driver slammed into a home in Olathe early Friday morning and then took off.

The driver left behind a rear view mirror and a fender, which police were able to use to identify the kind of car it came from.

The crash and commotion happened at 123rd Terrace and Ridgeview Road at about 3:30 a.m.

Tom Grieb, homeowner

Tom Grieb, homeowner

“I heard, I thought, thunder and I looked outside to see if it was raining and it wasn’t. And so I came out to the kitchen door, which leads to the garage and I heard a car outside my garage going back and forth and I said, ‘Who’s trying to knock down my garage door?'” said Tom Grieb, the homeower.

The impact took down his garage door and shoved it into his car and knocked his car sideways.  A neighbor told Grieb and police that he heard the car squealing as it was coming around the corner at Mart-way and 123rd. Grieb says it looks like the driver lost control and bounced the curb. Police think the car spun around and actually hit the garage with its rear end.

Grieb initially thought, ‘Who’s trying to break into my house using a car?’

He says everyone’s okay and that the garage door installers are coming out today to put in a new door.

“The dog just really got excited,” Grieb said of the 3:30 wake-up call.

As of Friday at noon, no one was in custody, but whoever it is should have a lot of damage to their car.
Car slammed into garage

Car slammed into garage