Rapid gunfire near daughter’s bus stop moves mom to plead with KCPS for a route change

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro high school student heard rapid gunfire at her school bus stop and the next day the stop sign near it was covered in bullet holes. Her mother feared she would be killed while waiting on her bus and sent a plea to Kansas City Public Schools.

“When they put her here I was like oh my god... this is like right in the heart of where everything happens,” said Nina Parker.

Parker says her 16-year-old daughter Elena was assigned a bus stop this year at 68th and Bales. Each morning, the Paseo Academy junior was the only student to stand and wait for the bus, looking over her shoulder as each moment passed.

“I called them and they said we can't accept any changes until mid-September. I'm like okay, mid-September my child could be dead or shot,” Parker said.

For months, Nina feared every day she would get that call. Thursday morning, as Elena was waiting for the bus she heard rapid gunfire about a block away.

“I couldn't believe it was this close to me,” Elena said.

When she got to her bus stop Friday morning, she saw the stop sign she stands next to every day, covered in seven bullet holes.

“She could've been standing here. My daughter could've been dead. I could've been planning my child, my own child's burial,” Parker said.

Nina felt at her wit’s end. She knew she couldn’t send her daughter back to the bus stop. She inundated the district with calls, posting on social media of her frustration.

“It was just like me really pleading like please... change her route.”

Hours ago, the district called confirming her daughter's route would be changed. A huge relief for the metro mom but she says she can’t help but feel disgusted that this was a fear in the first place.

“I just wish Kansas City would get it together and quit killing our kids.”

Elena’s bus stop will be officially moved on October 20th.