Young mom says man dragged her off front porch, sexually assaulted her during terrifying attack

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A young mom of two recounted a harrowing night where she says she was abducted from her home.

The victim asked not to be identified, but told FOX 4's Shannon O'Brien that she was dragged off of her front porch, forced into a car, driven around and raped. The attack happened just after midnight near 36th and Cleveland in Kansas City.

"He just held the gun up to me the whole time. Just kept pointing it to my head and I was so scared,” the victim said.

The woman says she has been friends with her attacker for a year. She said after he grabbed her, he drove several blocks away and that is when the sexual assault happened.

"We were wrestling in the car. That's when he started pulling his gun out, I am not going to fight a gun of course so I just sat back and let him go on with the rape." said the woman. "At that point I wasn't even thinking about that, I was thinking about my kids.”

The woman said her attacker kept telling her he was going to kill her, over and over. After the rape, the man continued driving around with the victim. A police officer noticed the car driving erratically, flipped on his lights and siren and tried to pull it over.

"He had the gun in his hand and told me like to get out and pushed me out of the car. And I was so scared, he didn't stop so I am rolling and the police, I was just so scared that they were going to roll over me," said the woman.

The victim was rescued by police, but her attacker took off, leading police on a chase into the Northland. Police say he ditched the car near Barry Road and Broadway, ran down Broadway and was caught at NW 72nd Street.

While it was a terrifying experience, the victim is thankful that her attacker is now in custody.

“It’s horrible and you would never think that somebody that you talk to every day and close to would do something like this to you,” she said. "I’m just really going to stay by myself for a while, a long while.”

The suspect hasn’t been charged yet, check back with FOX 4 for the latest updates on this story.