Hundreds turn out to complete homes for Veterans Community Project

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This weekend hundreds of volunteers grabbed their tools to complete homes for veterans.

"It's been a labor of love with a lot of folks. This week in particular, we had help from more than 100 volunteers from Honeywell," said Mark Solomon with Veterans Community Project.

Soloman said the project to build nearly 50 tiny homes for veterans started a year and a half ago with a pen and a piece of paper. On Sunday, nearly a hundred volunteers from Honeywell worked to complete the first ten homes.

Volunteer Jeffrey Penfield is a two star admiral who retired from the Navy last month.

"Service is about being involved with things that are greater than you as an individual. We get that baked into our DNA when we are in active duty and when we leave active-duty that stays with us," said Penfield.

This weekend, Penfield helped complete a designer home to be auctioned off for more than $30,000 dollars. The money raised will go towards helping complete the project.