Photo of legs has social media users questioning what they’re seeing

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A photo recently reposted to social media has users everywhere losing it and asking why one person’s legs are so glossy.

According to Mashable, the photo was originally posted in September, but a recent tweet from Twitter user @KingKayden caused it to go viral.

@KingKayden tweeted the photo with the question: “Are these legs shiny and oily or are they legs with white paint on them?”

Social media users immediately responded.

Here’s what some social media users had to say:

So are the legs perfectly glossed or just covered with paint?

The answer is paint, according to the original poster of the photo.

Some immediately saw the perfectly placed streaks of white paint that created the glossy illusion.

Overall though, it seems the majority agrees that even if you saw the legs as glossy at first, your eyes, once they focus, begin to only see the paint.