Bullet narrowly misses Kansas City woman asleep in her home, leaving her on edge

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A 79-year-old metro woman is terrified in her own home. She was sleeping when shots were fired at her house and one bullet flew into her bedroom just missing her.

“It knocked a picture that was hanging there down.”

Mary Mittenfelner can’t help but cry when she talks about it. She’s lived in this home for 27 years. Her family built the walls, the same one that is now covered in bullet holes.

“I could've died that night... I could’ve died,” Mittenfelner said.

It was a few weeks ago when she was sleeping with her dog when she heard more than 10 shots and a bullet flew into her room. She slept on the floor for the entire night and hasn’t been able to sleep in her bed since.

“I get a visual, of my head... being shot and blood all on my pillow. The what ifs.”

The what ifs are what keep Mary on edge. She says her neighborhood, near 23rd and Brighton, has turned into a haven for shots fired, abandoned homes and theft. Her neighbor recently told her he’s scared to walk down the block.

“When he leaves his house, he doesn't know if he's going to be walking back in that door.”

Mary refuses to be a prisoner in her own home. It’s why she has been door knocking in her neighborhood, spreading the word, asking her neighbors to be alert. Mary has reached out to police and is calling on the city for help. She says she won’t stop, until she gets her neighborhood back.

“There is no reason for a 79-year-old woman, that has lived here since 1989, to be terrified to sleep in her own bedroom.”

Mary filed a police report with KCPD, and police have upped patrols in her neighborhood but no arrests have been made.