Relative of boy killed by gunfire says another child accidentally shot him

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police and prosecutors continue to ask many frustrating questions about how a 3-year-old Kansas City boy was shot and killed Thursday morning at an apartment complex near 19th and Topping Ave.

Family members identified the victim as Jermone Green, a boy neighbors say had just been playing football with children in the complex the night before.


“I don’t know what I would do if I was to lose my kid, I would probably go crazy, I don’t know it’s just sad,” Teara Lyles said.

Though police haven’t confirmed how the shooting happened, Mayor Sly James says it seems to have been avoidable. Just like when Shaquille Kornegay, 2, shot and killed herself in April. Her father, Courtenay Block, was charged with murder in that case.

“I’ve got phone calls and emails in my office saying 'Mayor, what are you doing about this?' Well we’re doing everything we can but it takes every individual to be alert to the issues and the things that will hurt their children,” Mayor James said.

Family returned to the home shortly after police completed their investigation on scene late Thursday afternoon. None would go on camera, saying they were just too distraught by the loss of the little boy. Neighbors were also in tears at the thought of a life lost so young.

A GoFundMe account, apparently started by a relative of Jermone's, says 'My oldest grandson accidentally killed his baby brother. Need funds for funeral,and living expenses for his remaining siblings. This is really a tough time for our family. Please help if you are able. God bless you."

FOX 4's Robert Townsend asked Kansas City, Mo., police spokesperson Kari Thompson if she could confirm, but she said she could not. The Director of Communications for the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office, Mike Mansur, says police have not forwarded the case file to Prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker for review.  Mansur says he expects it next week.

“All I know is an innocent child lost his life all over nonsense basically, it’s just horrible. I feel bad for that lady I hope she’s okay. I’m going to pray for her and her family,” Lyles said.

Police have said several people were inside the town home at the time of the shooting and they`ve been talking to them trying to sort things out.

One person who wasn`t in the home when the boy was shot is his father. Court records show he`s serving a 50-year prison sentence for robbery and assault.