Topeka woman’s therapy dog that went missing is back safe with its owner

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A therapy dog who went missing last week is back safe with her owner Monday morning.

A dog is man's best friend but a therapy dog can be much more than that. For Erika Calderon, "Meaty" was like family. Meaty had been Erika`s therapy dog following the devastating loss of a loved one.

Calderon who is from Topeka was in Kansas City visiting near 93rd and Bales when Meaty, a female pit bull disappeared.

Calderon and Meaty had been inseparable for three years. She spent nearly every day driving from Topeka to Kansas City looking for her dog, going door to door until she got a phone call from an unknown man who said he bought her dog to breed her and wanted the $1,500 he paid if Calderon wanted her back.

Calderon paid the man the $1,500.

"It was the happiest day ever, yesterday was amazing, and everyday after that I have this whole new appreciation for Meaty as if I didn't love her enough."

Meaty is training to work with children who have autism.

Calderon filed a police report with Kansas City police about the incident, and they are investigating it.