World War One Museum and Memorial welcomes visitors for Veterans Day

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. –The National World War One Museum is gearing up for Veterans Day.

There are many veterans who volunteer there and they’ll tell you it is a special time. According to the museum, many of the 300 volunteers spend more than 500 hours helping out in the calendar year.

Veteran and volunteer Bob Dudley says he thinks it’s important for places like the National World War One Museum to exist. It can help our country learn from its past.

“I have found many, many parallels to what happened in WWI and what’s happened today, 9/11 and that type of thing, so I think it’s important as we bring citizens through not only do they see the history of WWI in this wonderful museum but also they can see how it compares to present day and we’re not so far away from a critical point here in today’s society,” said Bob Dudley, National WWI Museum volunteer.

Open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Mondays (except Holiday Mondays and during summer hours)