Anti-Trump protesters gather in downtown Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "To have a president that's not going to respect me as a woman or a minority? I'm not okay with that."

Protesters took to the streets Saturday to voice their opposition of President-elect Donald Trump.

Crowds gathered at 2 p.m. outside City Hall with signs railing against Trump, joining ongoing protests nationwide. This is the fourth time that Kansas Citians have taken to the streets to express their discontent.

"What he represents is not who we are," one protester shouted into a bullhorn on the steps of City Hall.

What Trump stands for, according to the large crowd of protesters, flies in the face of their well-being.

"He cannot unsay what has been said," another angry speaker told the crowd, which often responded with loud cheers.

Tuesday's election has triggered a firestorm of controversy, as people opposed to Trump's election day victory have spoken out.

Thousands of protesters targeted Trump buildings in New York and Chicago on Wednesday, chanting anti-Trump slogans as protests against President-elect Donald Trump popped up throughout the United States and have continued all week.

During his campaign, Trump was accused of making derogatory statements toward women, minorities, and the LGBT community.

"You're here because you care very much about the fate of this country," another protester cried out.

These protesters from here in the metro say they won't accept Trump as their leader.

"It's bigger than one candidate or one political party," said protester Kayla Jones. "What he represents is hatred, racism, and misogyny, and those are all things that are not what our nation was built on."

Kansas City saw protests Friday night, as people marched with an emphasis on immigration reform, speaking out against Trump's proposed border wall and promises to deport millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

Trump has condemned protests like these via Twitter, accusing some protest organizers of paying activists to act out during these displays.

"It's really made me realize I need to get off my laurels and do something about it," said Dr. Karen Florio. Florio is a protester and an obstetrician in the metro. She passed out safety pins signifying that she and others wearing them are safe, and non-subscribers to Trump's point of view.

"If you want to make a difference, get out there, and let people hear your voice," Florio added. "Donate to the organizations you don't want to see go away. March. Let people hear what you have to say."

Saturday's protest was peaceful for the most part.

Kansas City Police Sgt. Kari Thompson told FOX 4 News two people were detained and questioned, but eventually, released. One protest organizer commented that a group from Kansas City is considering attending the Presidential Inauguration in January to protest Trump's first day on the job.