Protesters march through streets of Lawrence, Kan. to denounce Trump

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- The protests started and ended in South Park on Massachusetts Street.

Unlike many of the protests that we've seen across the country, this rally remained peaceful.

The group hit the streets of downtown Lawrence to spread their message.

FOX 4 spoke with protesters to find out what their message was.

"What we're achieving tonight is the power to say, 'we're not happy,'" one protester said.

Two Trump supporters came to the park to check out the protest. They said they wanted to find out for themselves what the group was trying to do.

"I'm a Christian. I'm an African missionary. I'm a good guy, but I've always voted a Republican ticket. I believe in every one of those values," said one of the Trump supporters.

The group left South Park with hundreds of signs in hand that said things like, 'Protect Our People and Planet' and 'Not My President.'

They walked down Mass Street chanting 'We reject the president elect.' Some cars honked to show support, while other people booed the protesters and cheered in favor of Donald Trump.

"I feel like part of tonight is mostly raising awareness and banding together and knowing that you're not alone no matter what happens in the next four years," said one protester.

The group walked a few miles, screaming their message to anyone who will listen. They said their showing that they reject Trump's words and aren't happy with the election.

"I think that what Pence says, the things that he says, it makes me fear for my life and the lives of my LGBT brothers and sisters," one protester said.

"It's important for people to say, 'that's not us. That's not America, and we're not going to be pushed back. We're not going to put up with it,'" another protester said.

Those two Trump supporters did talk to some of the protesters, and while that conversation got heated, it remained peaceful.