Cerner health conference attracts thousands to KC, expected to have $18-million economic impact on city

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thousands of people from around the world are visiting Kansas City this week to learn more about health care technology as Cerner hosts its annual health conference downtown.

Several streets in the Power and Light District including Grand, Oak and Walnut will be closed during the conference, which will take place at both Sprint Center and Bartle Hall.

Cerner is one of the largest companies in Kansas City, and they  are the world’s leader in health care information technology. They create the computer software doctors and hospitals use to access and protect your private health information.

"There is a new and broader ecosystem around the world that is investing in healthcare in a big way, and the change in pace and rapid change in technology is very much on the forefront," Cerner President Zane Burke said.

This health conference gives Cerner officials a chance to meet with their clients and find out what is working – and what is not. The focus will be on how to improve technology to get patients the information they need and their doctor needs to stay healthy for as long as possible.

The conference is expected to attract 14,000 attendees, who are all Cerner clients coming from 26 different countries. They will spend money while they’re here on hotels and food, and create an $18-million economic impact on Kansas City’s economy.

"They get an opportunity to learn from each other, so it's not just Cerner telling our story, it's actually our clients telling their story," Burke said. " And everywhere around the world they are facing the same kinds of challenges, how do we deliver high-quality care at a lower cost."

Around 5:30 p.m., Monday  all of the attendees will be walking around downtown with glow sticks.