Local cancer survivor using his experience to help those who are currently battling gets quite the surprise

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A cancer survivor uses laughter to help fellow patients get through treatment, and recently those patients brought him to tears with a big thank you.

Dan Dickinson is a cancer survivor who is helping make life more bearable for patients at the KU Cancer Center as he sits for hours at a time listening and giving them support. Dickinson has also designed funny T-shirts to lift their spirits.

To recognize Dickinson for his kind ways, Ray Lindsay nominated him for FOX 4's Pay-It-Forward award.

"We're here to recognize Dan Dickinson for all of his time and all of his heart and passion that he shows all these patients who are going through hard times," Lindsay said. "Just offers a lot of comfort, a lot of care and compassion, and he listens to you."

Lindsay says Dickinson brings a lot of hope to patients' situations.

"On behalf of all the patients in here tough time, all of our lives so much better and our experience that much better," Lindsay said to Dickinson just before presenting him with the $300 as part of the award. "Your heart and passion, and your sympathy, your willingness to come here and just offer your heart and your tears and your ears to all of these people who are going through a difficult time."

Dickinson was humbled by the award. Watch his reaction in the video above.

"It's a hard time, so just to be able to sit with people who are going through the very same thing and just help them talk it through," Dickinson said. "Sometimes you don't have answers, sometimes all you can do is listen."

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