Dozens of break-ins in Hyde Park neighborhood leave residents feeling unsafe in their own homes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A rash of recent break-ins and burglaries in the Hyde Park neighborhood has residents scared and upset.

“I absolutely feel unsafe, I`m sleeping with a hammer underneath my pillow,” said Danielle Hellon, a Hyde Park resident.

The property crimes unit with KCPD is reporting an uptick in burglaries in that area. Residents say they love the neighborhood, but they don't feel safe anymore.

“I came home late and noticed that my window was completely open, the blinds were completely open, and the screen was completely open, and I don`t do any of those three,” added Hellon.

“Right before 2 a.m. on Sunday, so really late on Saturday night, I was trying to fall asleep, and I heard some noise coming from downstairs,” Ruth Schmidt, another Hyde Park resident said.

Police say there have been 13 break-ins reported in a matter of weeks in the Hyde Park neighborhood, but residents tell FOX 4's Melissa Stern there have definitely been more.

Two residents say just last weekend they were targeted.

“I`ve been dealing with rodents, and I was like, damn, those pests are getting really big, but when I heard the noise on the stairs, I was like, that is something serious,” Schmidt added. “I heard someone coming upstairs, made a bunch of noise with my door, just slamming it and throwing my shoes.”

Schmidt said she ran downstairs and out of the house. She noticed an open window and it was obvious they had pried it open.

“I had left some garden tools on the front porch, and they had used those to jimmy open the window,” added Schmidt.

Hellon was also spooked once she realized someone had been in her home.

“They had opened the nightstand drawer that was across from the window, took 200 dollars plus in cash,” Hellon said. “When I came home I just called police and left my apartment, so I don`t know if they were in there or not.”

Hellon is planning on moving because she fears for her safety.

“I check my locks three times a day now...  I don`t open my blinds anymore because I`m afraid they could be watching or outside my window,” said Hellon, “We know that they`re going back to the same places where they know they got something from, just makes me understand that they will be back.”

Schmidt said this time they stole and iPad and a laptop, but thankfully, she wasn't hurt. She ran to her neighbors, called 911, and filed a report.

“They called for backup, searched the whole house, walked me through it, it`s the same old story that`s happening to a lot of people, I think they came out and got prints because it`s becoming so common,” said Schmidt.

The residents say the whole neighborhood is talking about this. They're warning everyone to be more vigilant, and hope that police can increase security -- or at the very least, add some more lighting to the very dark streets.

Police also report that in the same two-month period, the West Plaza neighborhood had eight break-ins.