Massage therapist’s girlfriend turns him in after finding flash drive of hidden camera footage of his clients

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OLATHE, Kan. -- A 30-year-old man who worked as a massage therapist in Johnson County, Kan., has been charged with breach of privacy after police say his girlfriend discovered a flash drive containing disturbing pictures and videos and turned it over to police.

daniel-gorskiDaniel Gorski, 30, was being held on $100,000 bond. According to the affidavit, Gorski's girlfriend found a flash drive at his home in Perry, Kan. She delivered it to police and told them it contained video of women undressing and in some cases nude, unaware they were being recorded at Matheny Chiropractic clinic where Gorski worked in Gardner, Kan.

The girlfriend also brought police a meth pipe that she said belonged to Gorski. When police arrested Gorski at the clinic on October 27th, they found in his possession a small baggie of white crystallized substance, 2 ½ unknown pills and marijuana paraphernalia. Tests confirmed the white crystallized substance contained amphetamine and the pipe tested positive for likely marijuana.

Gorski was also charged with felony possession of meth and possession of marijuana. His preliminary hearing is set for December 7.

Glenn Stockton is the attorney for Dr. David Matheny. Stockton said Matheny recently had a stroke, and although he is back to work, he's not comfortable speaking on the matter.

"He was well liked and this was a complete shock to all here at Matheny and I think all that knew him, so it was a complete shock on that," Stockton said.

An employee at the clinic said Gorski worked there several days a week for about six or seven years. She said patients would sometimes book appointments specifically on the days Gorski was working.

Investigators spoke to one of the women seen in the video on the flash drive. The 21-year-old college student confirmed she had been at the clinic in early October for an adjustment and massage and was unaware she had been filmed.

"We're saddened by what occurred, but I think that the clients can feel secure that we'll have safeguards in place to try and prevent anything like this from ever happening again," Stockton said.

Stockton said any massage therapist has to be licensed by the state and submits to a background check.

"An independent background check was not done to my knowledge, but was done and is done regularly by the state for all licensed massage therapists," Stockton said.

When FOX 4 spoke to executive directors of both the Kansas Board of Healing Arts and the Kansas Board of Cosmetology, they said massage therapists are neither licensed nor regulated by the state of Kansas.

While the state does not regulate massage therapists, some municipalities do.

The city of Gardner does require licensing. A city ordinance says massage therapists are required to provide personal information, including social security numbers, fingerprints, personal history, employee history, criminal history, and agree to let law enforcement verify information they've provided.

Businesses that provide massages are also required to have a permit from the city.

A Gardner city clerk could not immediately verify whether or not Gorski or Matheny Chiropractic had the proper permits. FOX 4 is still waiting on that information.

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