One-year-old Platte County boy tests positive for meth; man charged with endangerment

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Christopher Keedy

PLATTE CITY, Mo. — A 32-year-old Platte County man is charged with endangering the welfare of a child after the little boy’s mother took him to the hospital, where he tested positive for meth and other amphetamines.

The first hospital visit happened in early August after the one-year-old boy’s daycare provider called the mother because the boy was vomiting and ‘acting strange’. Tests confirmed he had meth in his system. Then a few weeks later the daycare provider again reported to the mother concern for her son. The mother received a video from the provider, showing the boy doing a ‘repetitive motion’ of standing, sitting, then doing a circle motion. The child was also making a clicking sound with his tongue. Once at the hospital, tests again confirmed meth and Benadryl in his body.

In an interview with police, they say Christopher Keedy told them he was a former meth user but that he’d been clean since June of 2016. He thought the boy had possibly consumed one of his old pills or some leftover meth that may have remained on the floor.

Keedy is scheduled to be in court December 20 in Platte County.  He has not been taken into custody but a criminal summons has been issued for him to appear in court to face the charges.