Online customers near and far keep metro merchants busy on Cyber Monday

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  The cash flow from Cyber Monday benefits companies in the metro as well. That includes small businesses, which depend on occasions like this for a big payday.

Phones rang as orders poured in on Monday. Local businesses in the metro are flooded with orders on Cyber Monday. Some merchants told FOX 4 News they're doing business with customers as far away as Japan.

Step inside the offices at Christopher Elbow Chocolates, and you can see Cyber Monday in full bloom. Online orders for their handcrafted candies are pouring in. Chocolatier Christopher Elbow says the upcoming month of December represents half of his yearly online business.

“Today would probably represent about 10 to 15 percent of our December just in one day,” Elbow said on Monday. “It's a madhouse and we're under a time crunch from when that FedEx pickup gets here in the afternoon.”

It's a similar scene in the Crossroads District, where office staff members at Charlie Hustle are packing boxes at a fever pitch. Online shoppers from as far away as Asia want T-shirts from the Kansas City-based company. Sam Findlay, the company’s media manager, says Cyber Monday web specials are bringing in the business.

“It's kind of all hands on deck getting the orders out, trying to get customers their products as fast as possible with the holiday season coming up,” Findlay said.

And it’s of no concern that Boulevard Brewing has a new overseas owner.

“We feel very local and Kansas City-based,” Amber Ayers, who manages Boulevard’s retail store in the city’s West Side, said.

The brewery still lives in the metro. Ayers says her company is busy filling web orders for everything except the beer itself. Laws prohibit the brewery from shipping beer to most locales.

“(Customers) just want to be rewarded for placing their order today. For us, it's free shipping. I, myself, have done a little online shopping. Don't tell my employer. I did it on my lunch break,” Ayers said, with a laugh.

Ayers adds Cyber Monday sets the stage beautifully for the upcoming holiday shopping season. Every merchant FOX 4 News spoke with advises customers who might consider placing an order on Cyber Monday to do it sooner than later. These deals, in many cases, expire at midnight.