Woman explains why she wouldn’t surrender to police after suspect shot, killed in KC’s northeast

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One day after an officer-involved shooting in Kansas City's old northeast neighborhood, questions remain about the shooting and about a nearby standoff that police say was related.

A drug task force officer shot and killed a suspect, saying the man reached for a gun at 8th and Van Brunt.

When police stopped the suspect there, they say he was cooperative at first, but as they tried to get him out of the car, they say he reached for a gun. A member of the drug task force who wasn`t wearing a police uniform said he had no option but to shoot first. The man would die later at the hospital.

While dozens of police officers and prosecutors investigated that scene, members of the SWAT team ordered everyone out of the house at 9th and Cleveland where the operation began.

Bobbie King was one of ten people taken into custody after the officer shot the man. King says she had known the robbery suspect, whom police have not identified, for two years.

She says the suspect stopped by her house Wednesday and then left with her roommate.

She says after the suspect was shot and killed, police returned to her house that they had been staking out because he had been there. Investigators say six people came out on their own, but Bobbie King and others refused to surrender until hours later.

"Because they were scared honestly, scared, " she said. "I mean we didn't have any idea at that time that he had just left, so I'm sitting there going, 'Wow.' I didn't know what's going on. I walk out and immediately... and soon as I see the police officer, me and my aunt both go out the back door straight to them."

A police spokesperson says detectives questioned all the people and later released them. So far, no one has been charged in any of this. Police say on Friday they hope to release more information about the shooting and standoff, including the name of the deceased suspect.