34-year-old man shot to death at KC bar; patrons tackle gunman after he fires shots at two others

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Customers at a metro bar fought back after a gunman shot and killed one person and injured two others early Tuesday morning. Police are now trying to figure out what caused the suspect to open fire, kill one and hurt two others.

According to Darin Snapp, around 2:30a.m. two men in their mid-30s got into an argument inside the Tool Shed bar at 40-Highway and Phelps Road. At one point, one of the men pulled out a revolver and shot and killed 34-year-old Jarrod M. Blake, the man he was arguing with.

Jarrod M. Blake

Jarrod M. Blake

Police say the gunman then shot two others. One of those victims is in critical condition. The other is in stable condition.

"I hear he had a revolver," officer Snapp said. "So he probably only had six rounds in the gun. Who knows what would've happened if you would've had a larger weapon with more capacity. Who knows. He might have shot up everyone in the bar. The witness we talked to said that he was just shooting freely."

Officer Snapp says when the man ran out of bullets, the patrons jumped on him and wrestled him to the ground. They held him there until police arrived.

"They saw a window, and they went," officer Snapp said. "They said that they jumped on him and that's when they called 911 and held him down until we got here."

Responding officers took the gunman into custody.

Police say it appears the gunman did not go to the bar with the intention of shooting or killing people.  Police believe they were all there drinking for some time before argument turned deadly.

"These bar patrons are heroes, but they actually might have saved other lives because they say as he was shooting, if you can imagine a small bar like this, it was just chaos. Like I said, they were able to hold the suspect down until we got here, and he is in custody," officer Snapp said.