Tenants left wondering where they will go when building management informs them of city’s demolition plans

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The city plans to tear down two former motels that many families call home. With the temperatures dropping and the holidays approaching, they were left to worry about wear they would go.

FOX 4's Robert Townsend spoke with residents near the site at 87th Street and Interstate 435.

A city spokesperson said right now is just too early to say exact when the city will demolish the motels as part of a renovation project. Meanwhile, the folks that live there worry they won't have anywhere else to go.

"If I had somewhere to go, I wouldn't be here," said Regina Smith. Since late summer, Smith -- a single mother and part-time bus employee -- has lived at this site.

She said she pays $220 a week to stay there.

"I think it was Monday, management told me as well as others that Friday is the last day and we have to figure out somewhere to go, with no type of notice or anything," she said.

Now, the mother of four is worried.

"My fear is being homeless, not knowing where I'm going to go with my babies," Smith said.

Deanna Logan also lives there and works at the site.

"It was finalized six weeks ago, that everybody had to be out," she said. "I don't know what I'm going to do. I didn't even do to work today."

More than one hundred people including single parents, disabled veterans, and the elderly currently live in the two buildings that used to be motels, now slated for demolition.

Several tenants claim a manager is telling people they must move by Friday. It's after the city recently bought the two buildings for more than $3 million as part of the Bannister/I-435 redevelopment project.

As inspectors continue surveying both buildings, city spokesman Chris Hernandez said right now, no one living here is being thrown out into the cold.

"We have hired some folks -- a special team -- that's going come in and help people with relocation," Hernandez said. "We are not going to make a determination when people need to leave until we have the results of the inspection reports."

But whenever that time comes, the fact remains that these people will have to find a new home.

Hernandez said by the end of the week, they hope to have the results of those two inspections and then plan their next move.