Police officers’ written report on Plaza carriage horse crash

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City Police on Thursday provided FOX 4 with the narrative documentation written by police officers who first responded to the scene of the horse-drawn carriage crash on the Country Club Plaza Saturday night.

Some of the report was redacted by Kansas City Police. Names and identities have been removed.

KCMO Police report:

Upon arrival I observed the following, the horse to be laying on the ground just before the bridge on the southwest side. The carriage to be empty with no occupants inside. I was advised by other civilians on scene that the driver of the carriage was ejected from the carriage over the bridge onto the embankment below. The passengers inside the carriage were also thrown from the carriage but not over the bridge but onto Ward Pkwy. Multiple law enforcement officers were on scene attending to the parties thrown from the carriage. EMS was ordered immediately and all passengers and driver were transported to “” for treatment.

I then responded…… and made contact with all parties involved who advised the following:

Driver… of the horse and carriage stated the following:  She was traveling east on 47th street approaching Broadway. Once to the light on 47th and Broadway she observed the horse was not stopping like he should. (The driver) gave the command to make a right turn onto Broadway to head south. The horse apparently did not agree with the command and suddenly took off running south on Broadway running the red light at Nichols and Broadway. The horse and carriage continued running south on Broadway from Nichols towards Ward Pkwy and Broadway. The horse and carriage continued through Ward Pkwy and Broadway and made a sudden westbound turn on Ward Pkwy. Once making the Westbound turn the horse and carriage struck the bridge railing where it suddenly came to a stop tossing all passengers and driver out of the carriage.

(The driver) sustained a broken left foot and complained of pain and discomfort throughout her body.

Passenger #1…. sustained a large contusion on his right shin. ‘’ also complained of pain and discomfort throughout his body.

Passenger #2… sustained no visible injuries but complained of pain and discomfort throughout her body.

Passenger #3… sustained a broken forearm and complained of pain and discomfort throughout his body.

Passenger #4…  sustained no visible injuries but complained of pain and discomfort throughout her body.

It should be noted the horse was trapped under the carriage and was heavily sedated…..  (Name redacted) and his medical staff along with KCFD helped load the horse into…… horse trailer and taken away for evaluation.


‘Tiny’ is the name of the horse involved in the accident. Tiny and all other carriage horses are certified once a year, which involves a city representative going out for a “horse check” and meeting with a veterinarian.

As for what caused Tiny to bolt Saturday, Richelle Baldwin, who was on the runaway carriage, told FOX 4 on Monday that “it appeared the horse was uncomfortable. It doesn’t appear it was spooked.”

“We were going down a hill and the carriage might have been pushing on it and it was trying to run to get the carriage off of it,” Baldwin said.

Jim Ready, Division Manager of Regulated Industries, said Tiny has been working the same route for years, so the horse should be accustomed to the pressure from the carriage, which begs the question: If the horse seemed agitated and uncomfortable, was the carriage hooked up improperly?

Ready said it’s possible. Drivers and operators are not required to check the hook-up before each ride. However, Ready notes that everything is speculation. Ready said KC Carriages and the driver of the carriage that crashed Saturday both have sightseeing permits and there is no issue with registration.