Seniors residing in Kansas City housing complex being treated for bedbugs feel deceived and neglected

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some frustrated seniors at a Kansas City housing complex say they feel deceived and neglected. Right now they're caught in a battle with bed bugs -- but they're also fuming over something else.

For the last two days, 72-year-old Robert Ragsdale has been furious.

"The way I feel, like I'd like to kick some hide,” he said.

Ragsdale says for nine years he's lived at Kensington Heights senior housing complex near Jackson and Truman Road in Kansas City.

Two weeks ago, he says the property manager sent him and fellow tenants a letter stating that on December 6, their apartments would undergo "housekeeping and pest control inspections."

“They turned around and told us that there were only a few apartments that had bed bugs," Ragsdale relayed.

Ragsdale says after discovering bed bugs in the apartments at the nine floor complex, on Wednesday and Thursday, Kensington Heights' property manager called in this pest control crew to spray the infested units.

Ragsdale says while he saw several bed bugs crawling around his apartment, he insists, his bed and bedding were "bug free." But, four hours after his apartment was sprayed....

"When I went upstairs, my mattress and box spring were gone," he said.

He added that maintenance workers in protective suits and gloves, tossed his $800 bedroom set into a dumpster.

“When I turned around and went to ask her about replacing it, she says it's my responsibility not hers. I can’t afford it," Ragsdale said.

A spokesman for Millenia Housing Management, which owns the senior complex, says after buying the property in November---it discovered that most of the 126 units are infected with pests.

FOX 4 is also told the company is trying to find the tenants replacement beds and furniture. Ragsdale's tired of sleeping on the floor.

“It’s hard for me to even get up off the floor,” he said.