Electoral College meets Monday to formally elect Donald Trump as 45th President

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WASHINGTON — Electors are gathering Monday in every state to formally elect Donald Trump president even as anti-Trump forces try one last time to deny him the White House.

Protests are planned Monday in state capitals, but they’re unlikely to persuade the Electoral College to dump Trump. An Associated Press survey of electors found very little appetite to vote for alternative candidates.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.6 million votes. But Trump is poised to win 306 of the 538 electoral votes under the state-by-state distribution of electors used to choose presidents since 1789.

The AP tried to reach every elector and interviewed more than 330 of them. Despite the national group therapy session being conducted by some Democrats, only one Republican elector told the AP that he won’t vote for Trump.

The six Kansas members of the Electoral College are planning to cast their ballots for President-elect Donald Trump, although they did receive a flood of emails urging them to go against the state’s popular vote. All six are Republican leaders and said before Monday’s meeting at the Statehouse that they felt obligated to vote for Trump after he received nearly 57 percent of the vote in Kansas.

In Missouri, the state’s 10 GOP are set to vote at 2 p.m. Monday in the Capitol.

Eight interviewed by The Associated Press said they’ll vote for Republican President-elect Donald Trump. AP was unable to interview the two other electors. The vote typically is a sleepy affair. The voting process has lasted mere minutes in past Missouri elections. But this year it’s being closely watched following an outpouring of pressure from those hoping to stop Trump from taking office.

Despite that, it appears Missouri’s will stick with the state’s choice of Trump.