KU frat house flooded after pipe bursts overnight

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Ninety KU students who live in Phi Delta Theta fraternity house may have to find another place to live in January because of a broken pipe.

A pipe burst overnight at the house, causing extensive damage to the building.

These fraternity students who left campus for winter break Friday didn't think they would be back on campus until next year.

A broken pipe at their frat house overnight changed that.

For most of the day, students have been clearing out their rooms trying to salvage their belongings now soaked in water from a broken pipe.

Beck Johnson, Corporation Board President for Phi Delta Theta said cleaning crews have been working for much of today soaking up water and using fans to dry the house out.

"There's a lot of water in the house and they're currently drying it up and removing all of the white carpeting," Johnson said. "It's still to be determined in January if students will be moving back into the house or not."

Johnson said he will work with the university to explore alternative living accommodations if the house isn't ready next sememster when students return from winter break.

Johnson said it's been a busy day, but he wants to assure students and their parents that he will keep them updated about if and when they can return to the house.