People in metro feeling effects of deadly Christmas market crash in Berlin

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- While it's half a world away- people in the metro are feeling the effects of what happened in Berlin on Monday.

The owner of The Rheinland in Independence says he follows German news --and reading about the attack this morning hits close to home.

“I was on Facebook, and there`s a newspaper in Germany, and it had a video when it happened, right then,” said Heinz Heinzelmann.

He owns a German restaurant in Independence with his wife. It's been open almost 26 years. He says the news of the attack on a crowded Christmas market in Berlin, killing at least 12, and injuring at least 50 is awful, but not shocking.

“The situation, like it is in the world right now, it wasn`t that surprising,” Heinzelmann said.

Police are investigating the crash as an act of terrorism, and Heinzelmann says he feels terrorist attacks are becoming way too common.

“You know, what happened in France, in Paris, and in Nice... places like this are kind of dangerous, they`re kind of an easy target for terrorists,” Heinzelmann said.

Heinzelmann is from a small town in southern Germany right at the border of Switzerland. His wife is from northern Germany.

“It affects me as a German, but as I said, it doesn`t really surprise me,” Heinzelmann added.

He says he follows news in Germany regularly, and says the Christmas market in Berlin is well-known.

“It`s known around the world, and maybe you saw pictures of that church on video in the background, it was bombed during WWII, and it`s a monument in Berlin now, and that`s where the Christmas market is,” said Heinzelmann.

While it's too early to know all the details, he says regardless of where these types of attacks happen, it's always troubling.

“Any act, whatever happened today, no matter what it is, it`s shouldn`t happen,” Heinzelmann said.

FOX 4 will be following this story as more details are available.