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Surveillance footage shows thief smash window, steal DJ equipment from Westport production studio

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police are looking for a lone thief who committed a hefty smash and grab at a Westport production studio.

FOX 4's Robert Townsend spoke with employees about the bold break-in security cameras caught on video.

For more than a year, business has been going well for employees here at 825 Studios, but early Sunday morning the small business got hit by a big, unexpected loss.

A frustrated Jessica Christman watched the surveillance footage showing the man pass by the storefront, checking the place out.

"This is when he first pulled up, so he's just scoping it out," Christman said.

Seconds later, Jessica said the suspect picked up a huge piece of concrete, hurled it through the front window of her small business, and immediately stole two pieces of equipment that have been on display ever since the studio opened its doors.

That equipment wasn't just for show. It was important to their business operations.

"We used that DJ board to teach kids how to become DJs," Christman explained.

Jessica said in just a matter of minutes, the thief stole the studio's $3,500 DJ board, and high tech music mixer. It was a quick smash-and-grab that amounted to a loss of more than $5,000.

"There was supposed to be a live DJ in that front window, so we're not gonna have that option now. The window's gonna be boarded up for a little while until we get that down, and you know we have our classes every Sunday, so we're gonna have to postpone classes until further notice," Christman explained.

Five surveillance cameras outside the production studio actually caught the thief on camera before he got away. If you know anything about the crime call Kansas City police or the TIPS hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.