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Courageous Kansas City gas station clerk fires at shoplifters who tried to run him over

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "Man, it just happened so fast! He asked for that stuff, I turned around and he was gone," Dennis Burris said about a bold man he said first walked into the Shell gas station near Truman and Brooklyn in east Kansas City pretending to be a customer.

"He asked how much was the carton of Newports and then he asked for a bottle of Seagram's gin, and, asked for something else. I turned around and he grabbed the cigarettes and whiskey and took off," the 23-year-old cashier remembered, who said the shoplifter made his move just after nine Thursday night.

The smooth-talking shoplifter wore a black jacket, a burgundy cap and and a white shirt at the time.

"I immediately hopped over the counter and ran outside. I saw him hop in the back seat of a white, four door Lincoln. I yelled to the driver. I told hi to stop, but that's when he pressed down on the gas and tried to run me over. I pulled out my gun and I shot at that car about nine times," Burris told FOX 4's Robert Townsend during an exclusive interview.

"Man, they were coming at me and I didn't have time to be afraid. We work here and we have to feed our kids and if they want to come up here and steal our stuff, how are we going to feed our kids?" asked the fearless father of two.

"While he did that, I jumped in my car and followed them a few blocks away to Euclid Avenue, but then then hopped out of that car and all three ran. I called police, but by the time the cops got here, those guys were gone," said Burris' co-worker, Karim Abdul.

"There wasn't any time for fear. No, no, no, not at all, " recounted Abdul.

Sure, the crime-committing trio got away, but for Burris and Abdul, a daring, dynamic duo of sorts, it's okay. The two workers are just glad they and their co-worker weren't hurt.

Employees at the gas station also tell FOX 4 about two weeks after the new business opened its doors last month, someone smashed a front, glass door, got inside their store and stole 60 dollars from a cash register and more than 50 cartons of cigarettes.

It's unclear if the culprit or culprits behind that previous crime are are the guys Dennis Burris fired at.

"All that matters is I'm okay. I bet the guys I shot at won't be back," Dennis Burris said laughingly.