Iconic covered wagon in Westport covered with red lights, Chiefs flags to celebrate big win

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  The recent success of the Kansas City Chiefs has fans everywhere excited including those at the Westport Historical Society.

On Tuesday the group celebrated the Chiefs winning the AFC west by covering the iconic wagon near Southwest Traffic Way and Westport Road in red lights and Chiefs football flags.

The group also says they plan to put Chiefs flags around Westport by the end of the week.

The statue of the three pioneers that sits at the corner of Broadway and Westport Road will also be dressed in jerseys by early next week.

The Historical Society's president says she's thrilled to help show support for our hometown team.

"We are right here at the intersection of Westport Road and Southwest Trafficway that you all know is a very heavily traveled intersection. Hopefully with the lights up everyone driving by is going to see the red and think Chiefs," Alana Smith said.

The Westport Historical Society did the same thing for the Royals during their World Series Run, but instead of red everything was blue.