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KC Gets Fit Grocery List: What to add and what to avoid

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Looking to drop a few extra pounds this year? FOX 4's Nick Vasos takes you inside a local grocery store and chats with a nutrition expert to find out the things we should be buying and the things we should be avoiding.

  • What to avoid:
    • Added sugars
    • Artificial ingredients/sweeteners (i.e. words that you cannot pronounce on an ingredient label)
    • Soda/sugar filled drinks
    • Trans fats/low quality fats
      • e. vegetable oil, canola oil, sunflower/safflower oil
    • Treats
      • They are ok once in a while, but can be tempting if kept constantly in the house
    • Cereals-FULL of sugar
    • Microwavable meals are a SODIUM nightmare
  • What to keep:
    • Fruits and veggies
    • Quick, easy snacks
      • e. humus, guacamole, nut butters, WHOLE food ingredient snack bars, Greek yogurt
    • Meats, fish and eggs
    • Peanut butter (watch for added sugar brands though)
  • What to add:
    • Whole grains
      • Whole grain breads, brown rice, potatoes, quinoa, oats
    • Protein powder for after workouts
    • Avocados
    • REAL butter
    • BACON
    • Peanut/nut butters
    • Quality dairy
      • e. no Kraft cheese
      • Greek yogurt
    • Better cooking flours
      • Almond flour, coconut flour

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