KCMO woman tells police her ex-boyfriend assaulted her with a hammer

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police have a home surrounded after officers say a man attacked his former girlfriend with a hammer Friday morning.

Police say they were dispatched to the scene around 7:15 a.m. upon reports of a disturbance involving a weapon.

Responding officers say the a woman told them that her ex-boyfriend entered her home and assaulted her with a hammer.

The woman was able to escape, but when she did the suspect locked the door from inside and  threatened to take his own life.

Tactical teams have been talking with the man, who has barricaded himself into a second floor unit of a house on the Paseo.

Neighbors tell FOX 4 this is not the first disturbance at this location. They say police have been called on multiple occasions when the suspect has held his former girlfriend against her will.

The man occasionally has poked his head out of a door and yelled that he did not want to die. He's also told police that if they enter he will take his own life.

"He’s caused a lot of issues in the unit by itself," said Lyrik Highins, who lives in the same building. "He’s been known to barricade and hold the lady hostage on numerous occasions. He either does something to her grandson in there while she is gone at work. Drunk, loud, kicking on doors or burning fires in the back building."

Police say the victim is at the hospital after allegedly being attacked with a hammer. Police say her physical injuries are not considered serious.

This has been inconvenient for people who live on the Paseo. They can't get into their homes while the standoff continues. And some are forced to wait outside in bitter cold conditions.

FOX 4 has a crew on the scene and will be adding new information as it becomes available.

KC police are on the scene of a standoff Friday, Jan. 6.

KC police are on the scene of a standoff Friday, Jan. 6.

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KC police are on the scene of a standoff Friday, Jan. 6.

KC police are on the scene of a standoff Friday, Jan. 6.