Following in her dad’s footsteps, cousin to donate kidney to metro woman

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WESTWOOD, Kan. – A metro woman said she is getting what she calls “a third chance at life.”

Racquel Hibdon said she was 24 years old when she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure, which caused her kidneys to shrink. Seventeen years ago, her uncle donated his kidney to her, and now his daughter is following in his footsteps and donating her kidney to their cousin.

“I don’t even know what to say, how do you thank someone that’s just like, here I want to save your life,” Hibdon told FOX 4.

Her cousin, Carly Joyner, said the decision was easy to make.

“You’ve got two, you might as well give one of them, I think God gave us two for a reason so that we can help share the love and help somebody else,” she said.

The cousins met Monday morning at Midwest Transplant Center in Westwood for a pre-surgery checkup. Joyner completed the nine-month process of getting all of the testing done for the procedure.

“We were blessed to be healthy and to be able to do this for her and you know she is the real fighter and hero to fight this disease for so long.” Joyner said.

Hibdon said when she learned she would have to live on dialysis in the near future her cousin Carly and other members of her family immediately offered to donate their kidneys.

“I can’t even explain it, I am about to have a third chance at life and most people just get one,” she said.

She will receive the kidney on Wednesday morning.

Craig Hibdon, Carly’s father, said he is extremely proud of his daughter for her brave decision. He said he and his daughter are so thankful to be part of the experience.