Home playoff game bringing red and green to Arrowhead and Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Chiefs will host just their third home playoff game since 1998 at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. Their last victory came 23 years ago against the Pittsburgh Steelers, their opponent in the divisional round this year.

WHB-810 radio's Mitch Holthus hosted his weekly Chiefs radio show at the Mission Hy-Vee Monday night.

“This just in: The Chiefs are the two-seed and they host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday,” he belted to the crowd.

There wasn't an empty seat in the place.

“We’re out here eating dinner at Hy-Vee coming to see a Chiefs show, we haven’t really done that as a family before and people are going crazy it’s the Chiefs Kingdom,” Mike Minor said.

Chiefs Kingdom spreads far beyond the 76,000 people expected to pack Arrowhead this weekend for the the team's first home playoff game since 2010.

“It extends the season, so it extends the value for all of our partners, the other thing that it does obviously is it raises awareness," Chiefs President Mark Donovan said.

“All of the restaurants, motels, the advertising that we get nationwide. Everybody sees Kansas City as a big star it makes a lot of money for us,” Gary Bray said.

How much money? Kansas City sports and tourism officials say it’s tough to say. We noticed many hotels around the stadium doubling their prices Saturday night. Mostly only single tickets are available from the Chiefs. Some secondary market tickets for the lower bowl are now selling for more than $2,000.

Visit KC estimates the economic impact of the Royals World Series run was in the tens of millions of dollars. Now Chiefs fans are hoping for a repeat of that magic.

“We have an opportunity to do what we did with the Royals and maybe bring a parade to Kansas City again,” Aaron Denning said.

The playoff game happens to be the same weekend when a lot of people will be arriving downtown for the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. If the Chiefs host the AFC Championship game, it would be the same night they will be crowning a skating winner.