Meet Missouri’s new officials sworn in on Monday

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Five new Missouri officials were sworn in to office Monday in Jefferson City after a Republican sweep of executive offices in the November election. Here is some biographical information about them.

Eric Greitens — Governor

AGE: 42. Born April 10, 1974.

HOME: St. Louis


EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in ethics from Duke University; master's degree in development studies from Oxford University in England; doctoral degree in politics from Oxford University.

EXPERIENCE: Joined the Navy in 2001, became a SEAL officer, wounded in Iraq in 2007; White House fellow, 2005-2006; founded of The Mission Continues nonprofit group for military veterans in 2007 and served as CEO until 2014; author; motivational speaker.

FAMILY: Wife, Sheena Greitens; two children.


Mike Parson — Lieutenant Governor

AGE: 61. Born Sept. 17, 1955.

HOME: Bolivar.


EDUCATION: Took courses at the universities of Maryland and Hawaii while in the Army.

EXPERIENCE: State senator, 2011-2017. Served 12 years as Polk County sheriff. Cattle rancher and former owner of gas stations.

FAMILY: Wife, Teresa Parson; two grown children.


Josh Hawley — Attorney General

AGE: 37. Born Dec. 31, 1979.

HOME: Columbia.


EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in history from Stanford University, 2002; law degree from Yale University, 2006.

EXPERIENCE: Former University of Missouri-Columbia associate law professor and senior counsel for Becket Fund for Religious Liberty; former clerk for the Denver-based 10th U.S. Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

FAMILY: Wife, Erin Hawley; two children.


Eric Schmitt — Treasurer

AGE: 41. Born June 20, 1975.

HOME: Glendale.


EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree from Truman State University, 1997; law degree from St. Louis University, 2000.

EXPERIENCE: State Senator, 2009-2017. Served as alderman for the city of Glendale, Missouri.

FAMILY: Wife, Jaime Schmitt; three children.


Jay Ashcroft — Secretary of State

AGE: 43. Born July 12, 1973.

HOME: St. Louis.


EDUCATION: Bachelor's and master's degrees from University of Missouri-Rolla (now University of Missouri Science and Technology); law degree from St. Louis University, 2008.

EXPERIENCE: Lawyer at the St. Louis firm of his father, former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft; former assistant professor of engineering and technology at St. Louis Community College. Ran unsuccessfully for state Senate in 2014.

FAMILY: Wife, Katie Ashcroft; four children.