Stranger follows teenage girl to Northland bus stop, caught committing lewd act as he approached her

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Scared and upset – a teenage girl couldn't believe her eyes when a man followed her to her Northland bus stop and began touching himself.

It happened this week on N. London Ave. in Kansas City, Mo., at an apartment complex called Northland Passage.

KCPD officers were parked along the street Thursday afternoon, keeping their eyes peeled for a man accused of following a 14-year-old girl to her bus stop.

“She told me she was walking to the bus,” the victim’s mother said, “that there was a male out there and he had said something to her, but she had her headphones in, music on, so she turned her music down.”

The girl’s mom shared the details of the incident exclusively with FOX 4 under the condition we hid her identity for safety reasons.

She said her daughter then noticed the man was yelling at her and getting closer, before pulling down his shorts to masturbate.

“Well she was scared,” the mom said. “She didn’t know what to do. She didn`t know whether to run back here to the apartment or really what to do.”

It wasn't until a male student walked up that the man walked away, allowing the girl to safely get on her bus and later report it to police.

“I`m upset that there`s people out there that do this stuff,” the girl’s mom said. “Scared for the safety of my kids. Not just my kids, I mean, everybody around here.”

The teen attends school in the Park Hill School District, where a spokesperson said parents were not notified of what happened because they do not have a solid suspect description nor enough details about the case at this time.

But parents in the area told FOX 4 they want to stay informed, as they try to understand why anyone would target a young girl.

“I`m pretty sure she was shocked, scared, afraid and she probably felt like [it was an] invasion of privacy,” one mom in the neighborhood said. “Someone at that age, they`re innocent. They`re kids. It`s gross.”

Right now, police don't have a very clear idea of what this suspect looks like but they plan to patrol the bus stop during pick-up and drop-off times for the next week.

A school district representative said they've asked detectives to keep them up-to-date on the investigation, and they will share information with parents as needed.