After having femur removed due to rare bone cancer, Alexander Goodwin takes first steps post-surgery

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After battling cancer and making it through an intensive surgery, a 9-year-old took his first steps in recovery. Alexander Goodwin traveled to the metro from the UK to get surgery at the University of Kansas Hospital. After having his femur removed, he's learning to walk again.

"Come on you can do this."

With motivation from his dad, Alexander took his first steps, post-surgery. His life has been a whirlwind, being diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, Alexander moved from the UK to the metro last month for surgery at KU Hospital. Kansas City welcomed him with open arms.

"I'm just happy that everyone likes me ad everyone cares for me and all of this," Alexander said.

It's been a tough battle for Alexander and his family.

"It hurts a little," Alexander said.

He had his entire femur removed and all the muscles and tendons surrounding it, now he's learning to walk all over again with his dad backing him up all the way.

"It's difficult. He's lost his childhood. It's upsetting for me. I'm a police man. You learn to focus, and do the job. I almost try to deal with it like I do at work," Jeff Goodwin said.

On the days he needs people to back him up, the KCK police chief and KU Hospital's chief of staff are there. They've helped to raise thousands of dollars for the family, after connecting on social media.

"I never dreamed it would be at this magnitude, never in a thousand years. This is a genuine home from home," Goodwin said.

Doctors recently found cancer on Alexander's left hip socket, but the family is taking it day-by-day, and if you ask the 9-year-old how he's doing...

"I'm alright."

Not one complaint, only determination to move forward.

"Above all that pain and sadness is just amazing sense of pride in him. I'm so proud of him. As you see he's in pain and is so focused on getting better," Jeff Goodwin said.

Alex's family plans to stay in the metro until May, and he will begin chemotherapy at Children's Mercy in the beginning of February.