Emotions run high at the K as fans honor the young pitcher they say will be ‘forever Royal’

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Outside of Kauffman Stadium, it’s a sea of flowers, balloons, Royals caps and handwritten cards.

Fans came out in droves for a candlelight vigil on Sunday to honor a Royal whose life was tragically taken too soon.

Hundreds of fans stood with candles in hand, sharing the same aching pain.

The loss of 25-year-old Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura brought many fans to tears.

"It just shows everybody how fragile life is, man," one Royals fan said.

Fans came out to Kauffman Stadium all day, paying tribute to a man they say will be forever a Royal.

"You can’t ignore how much he loved the game and he took it so seriously, and he just wanted to do the best he could ever do for our team," one fan said.

Dozens of handwritten signs line the sidewalk, one reading “From the Royals, to the Angels - R.I.P. ACE."

Byron Brooks and his daughter Soledad said this is the place they spend every summer.

They said it’s more than a loss for baseball.

"They stood up for us. They brought Kansas City back from so many different disappointments. Not just for Kansas City, not just for his family, but baseball. He was on his way," Byron sad.

"This can’t be real," Soledad said.

And it wasn’t just fans who stopped by the memorial. Royals players Danny Duffy and Christian Colón hugged Royals fans when they arrived.

Inside the K, Ventura’s picture covered the big screen.

Fans said they are the family Ventura didn’t know he had, and they’ve lost their loved one.

Fans remembered his competitive spirit.

"He’s the fire of the team."

"Just his zest for life, you could see it. The young Royal."

Fans also held a balloon release Sunday afternoon. They released 25 white balloons for Ventura's age, and 30 blue balloons for the number on his jersey.