FOX 4 viewers help connect keepsake box found in Washington state to local family

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Washington state woman who found some precious mementos from a baby's birth at a thrift shop and was searching for the rightful owner has made contact with the owner thanks to social media and FOX 4 viewers.

Ashley Emery lives outside of Seattle and her mom had a box of baby items she got at a thrift store.

Inside the box she found birth announcements, hospital records, a baby hat and gown from 1994 from Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital.

Within hours of FOX 4 sharing the story Wednesday, a FOX 4 viewer contacted the family.

"My mom got a phone call this morning, and the first thing we did was go online," Sarah Ward, Jessica's sister, said. "I found it and it had Ashley's video and a screenshot of her Facebook post. So then I was like okay, I've got to contact her."

Ward says the baby items belong to her sister Jessica.

Jessica wasn't able to do an interview, but Sarah shared a baby picture of Jessica and a current picture. Jessica is now 22 years old.

Sarah says their mom lost a lot of their childhood keepsakes in a divorce and a move more than 10 years ago.

"It meant a lot to my mom especially, it hit her hard that we didn't have any childhood photos, and any mom knows those things mean the world, Ward said. "She's really glad to have it back."

Ashley, the woman who found the items, made plans to mail them to Missouri Thursday morning.

Ward's family told FOX 4 they'll let us know when the box arrives. FOX 4 will then pass that information along.

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