Local woman helping KC’s homeless community overwhelmed when presented with Pay-It-Forward Award

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As a local woman continues to make strides in helping Kansas City's homeless community, those who know her say they want to help her meet her goals.

For nearly 10 years, Brenda Mott has dedicated her life to go out on the streets and feeding the homeless. Now she owns Scraps KC, which is a store with hopes of helping the homeless.

Kathy Leutkenhoelter nominated Mott for FOX 4's Pay-It-Forward Award, which comes with $300.

"She's compassionate," Leutkenhoelter said. "She does anything for them, and she's got their laundry and taken it home, and now she's opened this store."

"So the homeless come and get out of the cold elements and have an opportunity to volunteer, work, get their self-confidence then go and get a job," Leutkenhoelter added when asked how Scraps KC has been helping the community.

Mott said the store also provides those who are homeless with lunch.

Mott, who thought FOX 4 stopped by her store to do a story on her work, was shocked when FOX 4's Kathy Quinn pulled out $300 to give her to help her efforts. Watch the video above to see her reaction.

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