Shawnee Mission high schools using friendly rivalry to help their community

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. -- Monday is the beginning of a community service competition between Shawnee Mission East and Shawnee Mission South.

The two schools are starting a positive rivalry to support the 'Giving the Basics' campaign.

The competition builds up to the basketball game between the two high schools in four weeks.

"I know there is a lot of friendship between the schools," Shawnee Mission South student Sam Schneck said. "Just wanted to. So, we just wanted to flip it to a more positive thing. We wanted to remove all of the hate and dislike, and this honestly was just the perfect idea because it's still a friendly rivalry, and we can keep the competition. But it's a win-win because it's very positive for us in the community, and we can directly affect those around us."

Students say they hope this turns the rivalry into a friendly one between the two schools.

"What inspired this was the rivalry between the two schools" Shawnee Mission East student Emory Foster added. "It was kind of negative. So instead we decided to do a more positive competition between the two schools, and it's a really great program because we are giving to the organization and they are actually giving back to our schools."

The competition runs for 4 weeks. During the week they focus on a different item to donate.

All the items will be donated to the organization 'Giving the Basics' which helps provide hygiene supplies to people living in the metro.

"I think it's definitely been positive and fun," Shawnee Mission East student Bennett Hense said. "I bring students down to the warehouse, and everyone has a lot of fun, and we are giving back to the community.I think it's really great."

The executive director of giving the basics says it's exciting this program is initiated by students. She says students who don't have these items are typically bullied and tend not to interact in school.

Community Service Competition Giving the Basics

Week 1: Laundry Detergent

Week 2: Shampoo

Week 3: Deodorant

Week 4: Toilet Paper