KC student brings gun to school in backpack, says he forgot it was there after finding it on way home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 17-year-old student at Central Academy of Excellence, 3221 Indiana, was arrested Tuesday after he was found in possession of a loaded gun with five rounds and one shell casing.

It was a gun ‘readily capable of lethal use,” police said.

Natalie Allen, KC Public Schools spokesperson, say the student was approaching the school’s main entrance and handed his backpack to the resource officer, which is what students are supposed to do since all backpacks are searched and go through metal detectors.

The resource officer took the student’s black and green backpack and noticed it was extremely heavy. She asked a second security officer if the bag had been searched. The student reportedly answered ‘yes’ while the second officer said ‘no’. When the officer opened the bag, she found the gun in the mesh compartment in the inside pocket. The student was escorted to the principal’s office and police were called.

The student reportedly told authorities he found the firearm while walking home from school on Monday and forgot that it was in his backpack when he came to school.

The student handbook calls for the student to be automatically expelled and the school spokesperson says she believes that happened immediately.

On Tuesday, the school principal, Anthony Madry, sent home letters to parents telling them that the school’s security officers found a .22 caliber handgun in the possession of a student who was entering the school.

“Our students, staff and visitors were safe and sound,” he said. “I am happy to report that our security procedures worked exactly as intended. We prevented a weapon from entering our school. My team did an excellent job.”