Greenwood police call white supremacist-related flier a ‘hoax’ but still beef up neighborhood patrols

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GREENWOOD, Mo. -- A flier firestorm left some people on edge and triggered a police investigation, which investigators now say is a hoax. The fliers invited people in a Greenwood neighborhood to a National Socialist Movement recruitment meeting this weekend.

"My mom said something about it. She had a fit about it and I was absolutely disgusted by it," said a frustrated Kody Dyke about the controversial flier that's now left several of his neighbors at DaLinda Estates subdivision near Gambrell Road and 17th Avenue North in Greenwood concerned about their safety.

"We first saw it online on Friday. I just think it's so sad. That's the best way I can describe it sad. There's a lot going on around the country regarding race relations, but this kind of stuff is not needed right now. We need more equality. We need more peace and love fliers going around, not stuff that's going to divide us," said Kody.

Police tell FOX 4 sometime between six and eight Friday morning someone left the fliers in mailboxes or taped them to doors of several dozen homes in the Jackson County subdivision.

Police say in the flier someone invited residents to a National Socialist Movement "introductory meeting" to be held this Saturday at the home of a couple who lives in the subdivision.

"I just can't believe it. We've never had any problems here. All of my neighbors get along. We have a cultural, melting pot here right now," said Kody Dyke.

Among other things, the flier, which bears a swastika at the top and at the bottom, states "we do not want an religion besides Christianity to be represented in our neighborhood."

It also states "we do not want any Muslims, Jewish people or Negroes to be at our pool, sharing our common areas or representing us in any way."

The letter also urges homeowners to "come to meeting to learn more about your rights and our vision and our plans for DaLinda Estates."

However, police say after talking to several residents in the subdivision, investigators have determined the flier to be a hoax.

What's more, police say they do not know if the person who distributed the fliers is a member of the well-known Neo-Nazi group or not. Investigators believe an ongoing dispute between two neighbors may have prompted the culprit to circulate the fliers around the subdivision.

"We know the fliers are a hoax, no meeting will take place at any homeowner's home and we right now we don't have any witnesses to the incident. We have put more officers on patrol out there indefinitely in that subdivision as we investigate this," said Greenwood Police Chief Greg Hallgrimson.

"Those fliers are filled with lots of hateful language. We have a lot of residents that are still very afraid behind this incident. I want whoever behind it to know that we have a community filled with much diversity and we will not tolerate such behavior," said Greenwood Mayor Levi Weaver.

More than 5,000 people live in Greenwood.

"Right now, we're also considering hosting a town hall meeting on race relations," said Mayor Weaver.

"It just really brings a really bad light on our neighborhood. I think whoever is behind it needs to occupy their time and their mind a little bit better," said Kody Dyke.

Meantime, police urge anyone who sees any suspicious activity around the DaLinda Estates subdivision to immediately call the Greenwood Police Department.

Butch Irvin, the Chief of Staff for the National Socialist Movement, contacted FOX 4's Robert Townsend on Tuesday and said the flier "is not an official flier or press release from the National Socialist Movement." He also says, "we have no intentions of having a meeting in Greenwood, and we do not have swastikas on our flags on our insignia."