Blue Springs woman’s quest for new phone leads to frustrating calls to the Philippines

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- For more than two months Jessica Collins has been stuck in cell-phone hell.

"I never want to deal with LG customer service again," said Collins.

By the time Collins had contacted FOX 4 Problem Solvers for help she had already heard countless promises from LG customer service that she would be receiving a new phone since her old phone stopped working while still under warranty.

Collins story began in early December. That's when she first mailed her broken phone to LG.

"They said give it seven to nine business days", Collins said.

But after the first two weeks of waiting, Collins was starting to get frustrated with the company's call center in the Philippines where she said employees told her the only thing they could do was send an email to LG's headquarters in Alabama for updates as to the status of her phone and when she would be receiving a replacement.

After more than a month passed and still no phone, Jessica tracked down a number to LG's office in Alabama and called. That's where her story becomes almost comical, if it weren't so frustrating.

"I finally talked to this lady who seemed very concerned for me that I hadn't gotten my phone," Jessica said.

The woman even gave Jessica a special extension to dial. But when Jessica called the extension she was again connected to someone in the Philippines.

So Jessica called back to Alabama. This time the person answering the phone told her the mobile phone communications office was right across the aisle from her. Did Jessica mind if she transferred her? Jessica didn't, but was again sent to the Philippines.

She called Alabama for a third time. She said a man told her he would have someone from the company's warehouse in Texas track down the location of the phone she was supposed to be receiving and call her. No one ever did.

Jessica isn't the only one frustrated with LG. An online search showed hundreds of complaints from angry LG phone customers. Problem Solvers even got our own taste of that frustrating when we called multiple LG employees listed as media contacts. We never got a single call back.

Getting no where fast with LG, Problem Solvers called Sprint, Jessica's cell phone provider.

Jessica could have gotten a replacement phone from Sprint when her problems first started if she had purchased a $75 insurance policy. But she hadn't.

When FOX 4 Problem Solvers explained the entire problem to Sprint, the company agreed to waive the $75 fee and mailed Jessica a new LG phone that same day.

Although Jessica's problem was solved by Sprint, her saga with LG wasn't over.

Two weeks later, Jessica heard again from LG. This time she said she was informed her that her new LG replacement phone had mistakenly been mailed to someone in Oregon and LG was trying to get it back.

Not long after that, there was finally some good news.

Jessica got a phone call from a woman in LG's Alabama office who told her she was part of LG's escalation team. She was aware that Jessica had contacted FOX 4 Problem Solvers and wondered what she could do to solve Jessica's problem.

Jessica asked for her money back. The check is in the mail.